Keep Pests Away Between Professional Pest Control Treatments

3 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Under Control When You Have Water Features In Your Yard

Standing water is like a magnet for mosquitoes. If you want to reduce the pests on your property, then being diligent about dumping rain out of anything that can hold water is essential. However, that can pose a problem if you enjoy having water features like a birdbath or water garden on your property. Here are three tips for controlling mosquitoes when you have water features in your yard. 1. Hire A Mosquito Control Service Read More 

What You Need to Know About Moles

When you notice a mole digging in your yard, it's natural to worry about the health of your plants. Moles aerate the ground around them and may damage the root systems of neighboring plants. Learning what attracts moles to your yard will help you to drive them from your garden. How To Spot A Mole When you're looking for moles, it can be hard to know what signs to look for as moles rarely surface from their tunnels. Read More 

3 Tips To Ensure Next Year Is Free Of Mosquitos

Does it feel like you and your family get eaten alive by mosquitos every summer? Are you wanting to do something about it but you're not sure what can be done? Although mosquito season ostensibly ends when fall or winter begins, this doesn't mean that you should stop thinking about these pests and start relaxing your guard. Controlling and eliminating mosquitos is often a year-round process. Getting started now is one of the best ways to keep your mosquito levels down next year. Read More 

Why Pest Control Matters If You Own A Warehouse

Do you own and operate a warehouse? For reasons beyond your control, you may have a pest problem and rodents or insects keep finding their way inside your building. With all the inventory going in and out and machinery and personnel constantly moving, it's hard to know when and where these pests are getting inside. However, you may not be too concerned because your warehouse isn't really in the public eye and you don't notice your inventory or machinery getting damaged by an infestation. Read More 

Need a Better Plan for Rodent Control? 3 Things to Consider

 Mice, rats, and other rodents make up the primary food source for many wild creatures, including bobcats, owls, foxes, hawks, and coyotes. In the wild, these animals help to keep rodent populations in balance. In residential areas, however, rodent populations are able to grow to problematic proportions due to having far fewer natural predators. Additionally, residential and populated areas tend to offer more access to shelter from the elements and a more dependable source of food that also serves to encourage rodents to nest and breed more prolifically. Read More 

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Keep Pests Away Between Professional Pest Control Treatments

Keeping rats, mosquitoes, and other insects out of your home is a tough job, especially when the weather isn't so great outside. Of course, the help of a professional exterminator can do wonders for your cause. But you'll want to employ some of your own natural pest control methods at home to make sure that infestations your service technician gets rid of don't come back any time soon. You can decorate your home with houseplants, such as mint, to keep some bugs from bugging. You can also make your own potpourri and spray that will keep insects out of your sight. You can expect to learn more about natural pest control you can put to use between professional treatments on the pages of this blog.