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3 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Under Control When You Have Water Features In Your Yard

Standing water is like a magnet for mosquitoes. If you want to reduce the pests on your property, then being diligent about dumping rain out of anything that can hold water is essential. However, that can pose a problem if you enjoy having water features like a birdbath or water garden on your property. Here are three tips for controlling mosquitoes when you have water features in your yard.

1. Hire A Mosquito Control Service

Reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property by having your yard treated regularly by a mosquito control service. The service might spray plants and grass in shady areas where mosquitoes live and breed. A mosquito control service may even treat a pond on your property. If so, they'll use appropriate products, such as mosquito dunks that won't harm fish or other wildlife.

If you can reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, you'll have an easier time keeping the pests out of your water features. However, you'll also want to take steps to keep your water garden, fountain, or birdbath from attracting the mosquitoes and giving the insects a place to breed.

2. Keep Water Fresh And Moving

Since birds and other wildlife may enjoy playing in and drinking from your water features, you won't want to use harmful chemicals to keep mosquitoes away. A natural method that works is to keep the water moving since mosquitoes prefer stagnant water.

You can buy devices for a birdbath that keep the water in motion so mosquitoes aren't interested in it. As a bonus, the moving water attracts birds, so your birdbath gets even more use and you can enjoy watching a variety of birds. These devices are usually solar powered so they'll operate by themselves.

You'll need to change the water in your birdbath frequently so it stays fresh for the birds, and that alone keeps mosquito larvae from developing. Even if adults lay eggs in the birdbath, if you change the water often, the larvae won't have time to develop into adult mosquitoes.

3. Use Natural Predators

If you have a goldfish pond in your backyard, you may want to use mosquito dunks. These don't contain pesticides. Instead, they contain bacteria that kill the larvae before they turn into adult mosquitoes. Plus, they won't harm your fish.

Another thing to try is to introduce fish that love to eat mosquitoes. Some of these fish can be aggressive, so you'll want to talk to a knowledgeable person at the fish supply store to find out the types of fish you can put in your pond that eat insects but won't hurt your goldfish.

For more information, contact a local mosquito control service.

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