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Hearing Scratching Sounds At Night? Signs You May Have Mice And Ways To Get Them Out

If you hear scratching sounds at night then you may have mice in your home. Mice will come out during the day and night, but you will hear them much better at night when everything is quiet. Fortunately, there are many signs you can look for that you have mice, as well as different methods you can use to get them out of your home. Keep reading to learn how you can do this so you can sleep better at night.

Signs You Have Mice

One of the main signs you will see if you have mice in your home is their feces. The feces looks like tiny black pellets and you will find it everywhere, including inside cabinets, drawers, on the floor, and more. 

You will also see bite marks in cardboard food containers, such as boxes of cookies or crackers. This is likely the sound you are hearing at night because mice spend all their time hunting for food. You will generally see these bite marks in the corners of the boxes or at the bottom of the packaging. It will not take a mouse long to chew through a box and get to the food inside. 

If you go into your attic you may see signs that you have mice in your crawlspace, such as finding mouse feces around the ductwork. When mice get into your attic and in your crawlspace they can cause a lot of damage over time. For example, they can destroy insulation and chew through a lot of electrical wiring.

Ways to Remove Mice

One of the easiest ways to remove mice is by using mouse traps. There are snap traps that you bait and when the mouse eats the bait the trap will snap and break the mouse's neck, which generally kills them quickly. If you do not want to kill the mice you will find bait traps that will trap the mice in a type of container. You can then take the mice to another area, such as out in the country, and let them go. There are also sticky mouse traps -- these traps are inhumane, as the mice get stuck when they walk on the trap and cannot get free. The mice die by starving to death and becoming dehydrated, which takes time. 

If you continue to have mice no matter what you do, you need to contact a rodent control company. They can determine how the mice are getting into your home. Once they find the source, they will seal this opening so the mice can't get back in. These entrance areas can be difficult to find, since mice can get through tiny openings. If there are mice in the walls, the pest control company can get these out as well.

Talk with the pest control company for more details.

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