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It's Not So Itsy Bitsy: How To Keep The Spiders Away This Summer

With summer just around the corner, you should be thinking about pest control. You might not realize this, but pests are just waiting for the opportunity to settle in as soon as the weather turns warm. Not only do you have to worry about mice, roaches, and mosquitoes, but you also need to worry about spiders. If you haven't seen any spider activity yet, it's because they're still hiding in the attic and along the foundation of your home. As soon as they know the coast is clear, they'll be heading out into the open. Here are four simple steps you should take to keep the spiders away.

Don't Keep Your Shoes on the Porch

You might have your kids keep their shoes on the porch during the summer. That may keep the dirt out of your house, but it's going to give spiders the perfect hiding place. However, you don't want spiders hiding in your shoes. To make sure you keep spiders out of your shoes and reduce the hiding places for them, don't keep your shoes on the porch. If you don't want dirt tracked into the house, place a mat inside the door and leave your shoes there.

Start a Cleaning Routine

Spiders don't like people. In fact, they're probably just as afraid of you as you are of them. Because of that fear, spiders will look for places where they don't expect to find human activity. That's why it's important that you start a cleaning routine, both inside and outside the house. Sweeping your porch once a day and vacuuming your home several times a week, including along the baseboards and in the corners, will help keep the spiders away.

Go Easy on the Porch Light

If you're in the habit of leaving the porch light on every night, you might want to go easy on that. Bugs of all varieties are attracted to the light on your porch, and spiders are attracted to the bugs. The more bugs you attract, the more likely you are to develop a spider problem this summer. To alleviate the problem, either turn your porch light off at night or install a bug-repelling light bulb.

Schedule Pest Control Treatment

If you simply can't stand the thought of having even one spider on your property this summer, you need to schedule pest control treatment as soon as possible. Professional pesticides will ensure that you keep the spiders away. Contact a company like Godfather's Exterminating, Inc. to learn more about spider control.

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Keep Pests Away Between Professional Pest Control Treatments

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