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No Nests For The Weary: How To Ensure Squirrels Stay Out Of Your Home

If you live in an area with a cold winter season, you may notice that critters try to gravitate towards any sort of warmth. For some creatures, including squirrels, this warm place may be your home. Squirrels may enter your home and get into the walls or set up shop in the attic. Though squirrels look cute, they can cause major mischief in your home. Squirrels that get inside of your walls can be heard scratching, and they can also chew through wires and your belongings. If you want to stop squirrels from taking residence in your home during the winter, here are some steps to take. 

Be sure to keep leaves and snow away from the home

If you don't want squirrels sneaking in, the first thing that you need to do is make it hard for them to take cover and get into your home. During the spring and fall months especially, a drop in the temperature may cause the leaves to fall off the trees. Nuts and other sprouts that the squirrels are attracted to may fall off the tree along with the leaves, attracting squirrels into your property. Be sure to rake leaves and all other fallout from the trees, then dispose of the immediately. If you have fruit bearing bushes near the home, be sure to keep these trimmed and watch for any holes animals may try to create. 

Call in the professionals for an inspection

If you have gotten a squirrel in your home previously, this means that you may have a hole or other space the squirrels are able to squeeze through. Call a professional animal trapping firm for an inspection prior to getting animals in your home. Have them look at the exterior of your home to detect any holes, especially in the siding or the foundation. If you have had a squirrel in your home more than once, it may be wise to have the pest control company place traps around any space the squirrels are likely entering. 

Hang mint leaves and drop peppermint oil drops

One of the big turn offs for squirrels and rodents of other kinds are the smell of peppermint. Hang satchels of mint leaves around your home and drop peppermint oil drops in the corners of your home. You can put the peppermint oil drops on the interior and directly on the exterior. This does double duty of helping your home smell like the cold holiday season, yet it wards away insects and rodents alike. 

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