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3 Ways To Eliminate Termites From A Wooden Table

Termites eat cellulose in order to survive. Wooden boards contain cellulose fibers and can become infested with termites. If you have spotted winged insects on a wooden table that is located on your screened-in porch and small holes are in its surface, there is a high probability that termites are present. Eliminate the termites with one of the following methods. Once the termite problem has been resolved, follow some basic tips to prevent an infestation in the future.

Place The Table In Direct Sunlight

Use a lint-free cloth to eliminate moisture from the table's surface. Place the table in a section of your yard that receives direct sunlight. The sun's powerful rays will heat up the termites bodies and kill them after several hours. If you place the furniture outside when the temperature is high, the termites will die even faster. Inspect the furniture after it has been exposed to the sun for a while. If the termites are dead, remove them from the furniture with a cloth. Clean the table with wood cleaner and dry its surface off before placing it back on your porch.

Wipe Citrus Oil Across The Wood

D-limonene is a chemical that is found in citrus oil. It is commonly used as a pesticide because it can effectively kill termites and other pests when it comes into direct contact with them. The scent that d-limonene emits is also harmful to termites. Clean the wooden table and dry its surface off well.

Apply a small amount of citrus oil to a lint-free cloth and wipe the table to eliminate the termites. The citrus oil isn't water soluble and is non-toxic to humans and animals. Once the oil has been applied, the table will have a protective barrier that will prevent new termites from appearing.

Sprinkle Boric Acid On Infested Areas

Boric acid is an odorless powder that is made from boron. It is a long-lasting and effective product that will eliminate termites, as well as any other pests that come into contact with it. Sprinkle a fine line of powder over any portions of the table that are infested with termites. Once termites walk over the powder, their exoskeletons will begin to break down. If any termites ingest the powder, their internal organs will suffer from damage, resulting in death.

Several days may pass before you notice that the termite population is dwindling. Once all signs of the termites have vanished, clean the table to remove any boric acid that remains on its surface. Dry the table with a clean cloth when finished. 

Prevent an infestation in the future by keeping the table clean and dry on a regular basis.Termites thrive in moist, dark conditions, so, move the table to a portion of the porch that is well-ventilated and that receives ample sunlight. These simple steps will help keep the table protected. 

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