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Killer Bees and Other Dangerous Insects You Need to Watch out For

Poisonous and dangerous insects plague the world in which we live. The following three are among the most dangerous in America. Understanding their danger can give you a clue as to why they need to be removed from your home or property as soon as possible.

Killer Bees

The Africanized honey bee (otherwise known as the killer bee) is one of the most aggressive honey-collecting insects in America. Unlike other bees, which sting only when absolutely necessary, the killer bee will attack any potential threats with the full force of its hive.

Thankfully the killer bee doesn't actively seek out victims to sting. It just wants to be left alone, which is why it is so aggressively defensive. Killer bee deaths aren't uncommon, with an 81-year old man dying from killer bee stings earlier this year. He was stung nearly 1,000 times and the combined poison of the sting induced a heart attack.

The Puss Caterpillar

The puss moth caterpillar (also known as the asp) is a fuzzy, cute little creature that is relatively benign if petted and one that rarely attacks other creatures. However, should you or your loved ones decide to pick one up, they are in for a nasty surprise: exposure to the most toxic caterpillar in the United States.

Should you or someone you love get stung by the puss caterpillar, intense pain will develop almost immediately. Blood spots will appear on your skin and you may suffer from a wide range of symptoms, including

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach aches
  • Respiratory problems
  • Shock

Unfortunately, children are common victims of the puss caterpillar because of its fuzzy and cute nature. Which is a major problem because interactions with these pests almost never go well.

Paralysis Tick

Ticks of all types are feared for their blood sucking and disease-spreading habits. However, there is a relatively known tick that can actually cause a form of paralysis near its puncture wound: the paralysis tick.

Once this tick bites its victims, it injects a poison that will cause the muscles near the injection wound to grow flaccid and weak. This can cause a form of temporary paralysis that can also be incredibly painful if left untreated.

While the paralysis tick mostly attacks small animals, it will bite humans. There are reports that young girls are the most common victim of the paralysis tick. They note that there is a risk of respiratory failure and death in untreated paralysis tick bites.

If you suspect your home or property is home to any of these dangerous creatures, have them removed by a professional like ASAP Bee Removal as soon as possible. Especially the killer bees.

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