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Three Ways To Reduce The Number Of Ticks On Your Property

If you live in an area where ticks are prevalent, you probably spend a lot of time searching your skin (and that of your pets) for ticks after spending time outdoors. While there is nothing you can do to 100% prevent ticks from coming on to your property, there are a few steps you can take to reduce their numbers and encourage them to find other places to spend their time:

Have the perimeter of your yard sprayed with insecticides.

Spraying your entire yard with insecticides is not wise, since these chemicals will also typically keep away important insects like ladybugs and honeybees. You probably also do not want to walk through insecticides whenever you walk through the yard. Thus, having the perimeter of your yard sprayed with insecticides is a good compromise. Ticks will not want to cross the barrier or insecticides to come into your property.

Since this involves spraying insecticides over quite a large area, it's best to have it done by a professional, so you don't accidentally get the chemicals on yourself or in buildings. You'll need to have the insecticides re-applied periodically throughout the warm months.Your applicator can recommend a specific interval, based on the climate and tick population in your area.

Keep all weeds and grass trimmed short.

Ticks love to hide out in tall grass and brush. Keep your grass trimmed short, and cut down any brush or weedy areas. If you have piles of old equipment, wood, or other debris on your property, having it removed and hauled to a junk yard is a good choice, since it is hard to trim around such piles.

Have any low spots filled in, and improve your property's drainage system.

Moisture is another factor that attracts ticks. If your yard has any low spots, have them filled in and planted with grass seed. Also, consider having a better drainage system dug if your property tends to collect water. If you can dry out your yard, you'll have fewer ticks. You'll also have an easier time keeping your grass trimmed, since it won't grow as quickly in a dry yard.

If you follow the advice above, you should find that there are fewer ticks in your yard. You'll still want to be on the lookout for ticks on yourself and on your pets. However, you can venture outside more confidently without always having to stuff your pant legs into your socks or wear your tallest hiking boots. To learn more, contact a company like Bug Busters with any questions you have.

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