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Taking A Closer Look At The History Behind Bed Bugs

As a homeowner, there are many different kinds of pests that you likely fear. However, one of the most notorious is easily the bed bug. Thanks to the fact that bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to eliminate, they have gained quite the name for themselves. Yet, bed bugs are no new pest in any home, or in any location.

These biting critters have actually been haunting people in their sleep for many years. In fact, they have quite a long list of historical facts that you may be surprised to learn about:

1. According to a report by BBC News, bed bugs were actually first present on bats. It is believed that there is a possibility humans first started dealing with the pests while living in caves, which suggests that bed bugs have been a problem since ancient ages. The bats served as a host for these pests and actually still do, but the bed bugs present on bats and in human beds are now much different species.

2. Bed bugs have been discovered in archaeological excavations that date back as far as 3500 years. It is believed that the bugs were not considered so much as pests, but as having the medicinal power to heal ailments when drank in tea or prepared with food. This pest was blended with potions for snakebites and even healing diseases, such as malaria.

3. By the 1950's bed bugs in the United States were almost nonexistent. The development of new pesticide and extermination techniques, along with washing machines and vacuums, helped to rectify problems with infestations and control the bed bug population. However, throughout the years, these pests have evolved and become immune to many of the previous chemicals that were used for treatment.

4. There have been many natural remedies for bed bugs in history - some as simple as placing a bowl of water at the foot of the bed to entrap the bugs as they try to make their way into the bed. However, some of the more interesting remedies include using bean leaves to trap the bugs or basket weaved panels set up around the bed and shook outdoors in the morning.

When you see how prevalent bed bugs have been throughout history, it is easy to see why these biting bugs are still around. If you think you may have been exposed to bed bugs, or you have spotted a few in your home, be sure to talk to a pest control agency who has the skill to help you eliminate the problem.

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