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Goodbye House Flies ~ Getting Rid Of The Nuisance

As the warm weather approaches, excitement begins. The enjoyment of cookouts, ice cream, picnics, and windows open to welcome a fresh breeze. Spring and summer are also a time when people may encounter problems with house flies. 

If you have ever had a few flies in your home, you know they can be a nuisance and hard to kill. You may not know that flies carry nasty bacteria such as E. coli.

Simple Eradication

If you notice a fly or two every now and then, a fly swatter will likely suffice. However, if you notice flies in your property on a daily basis, you could be at risk for a fly infestation. The use of fly traps and insecticides could keep the flies from breeding.

Advanced Eradication

When flies persist despite simple eradication methods, it is a sign that a breeding site may be present nearby. Examples of areas that they may breed in are old food in pet bowls, excrement, spoiled food or garbage. Perhaps you take your garbage out regularly, but the garbage can itself may be a breeding site. Check it for fly larvae, which are maggots that look like small worms. 

Keep in mind that flies may have more than one breeding site in your home. This is why you need to check every room if you are finding it difficult to get rid of all of the flies. It is also imperative that you kill all adult flies, because they are the breeders.

Professional Eradication

If you have located possible breeding sites and cleaned them, but the flies persist, it is best to seek professional help from a pest control company. The professionals will inspect your property prior to treating it for house flies. The purpose of the inspection will be to locate breeding sites as well as points of entry. For example, the adult flies could be gaining entry into your home through cracks in window seals or holes in screens.

After the inspection, the professional will treat the property to rid it of all larvae and adult flies. They may use a combination of treatment methods such as insecticides, bait or fly traps.

After the Flies are Gone

Sealing points of entry will play an important role in preventing another fly infestation. Ensure you have intact screens on windows and storm doors. Also, ensure that weather stripping is intact in areas where cracks are present.

Never leave food out. This includes food for your pet, even if the pet's bowl is outside. Choose a trash can with a lid to ensure that flies will not be attracted to discarded food waste. 

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