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One Hot Bug | Questions Concerning Killing Bed Bugs With Heat

Just when you think the bed you are sleeping in is your safe haven from the outside world, a crawly critter steps in and brings you back down to reality. At least one out of every five people in this country have had an experience with bed bugs, either personally or know someone who has. If you do happen to be unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a bed bug sharing your sleeping quarters, there is a pretty good chance your first inclination will be to jump out of bed and start looking for resolutions online. One of the most common ways to kill bed bugs on furnishings is with heat. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning heat and bed bug removal.

Is it true that the average clothes dryer will kill bed bugs on blankets and clothing?

The clothes dryer you have in your home or find at the laundry mat will easily kill any bed bugs you have on your bedding or clothes. Further, the dryer is a good place to treat pillows, stuffed animals, and curtains or drapes. To kill the bugs, loosely fill the dryer and make sure it is set on high heat. You will need to treat the items for at least 30 minutes to see the best result.

Will heat also kill the eggs and larvae of bed bugs?

The heat will kill any live bugs, at varying stages of maturation, from egg to full-grown adult. Just make sure the blankets and clothing are heated throughout fiber and internal fillings where these eggs and young bed bugs may be hiding.

Can you heat treat bed bugs on your mattress safely?

When you discover that you can kill bed bugs with heat, you may be tempted to pull out a hair dryer or portable heater to kill off bugs on your mattress. While it is possible to get rid of a few critters with these methods, this is not a safe way to eliminate bugs and is not that effective. It would be nearly impossible to heat the entire mattress to the temperature which would be necessary to kill the critters instead of just putting them on the run to a different location. Furthermore, the mattress is flame-resistant, but not fireproof. Therefore, it would be way too easy to cause a fire in your home if the fabric materials of the bed got too hot.

Heat is an excellent way to treat items you have in your own that you feel may be contaminated with bed bugs. However, this is not a fix-all solution. It is best to combine heat treating methods with professional pest control attention to achieve the bed bug removal in your home.

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