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Bedbugs And Lice Got You Down? Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Them

When it comes to lice and bedbugs, you can employ some of the same techniques to get them out of your kids clothing, bedding and stuffed toys. Pesticides work well to get them out of your home, but you don't necessarily want to use pesticides on things that will come in contact with your children on a regular basis. Here are a few natural ways to get rid of lice and bedbugs once and for all.

Banish Them from Bedding

It can be particularly difficult to get lice and bedbugs out of the bedding, especially when it comes to the mattress. Bleach and water combine to make an excellent bug killer. Fill a spray bottle with 3 cups of plain water and one cup of chlorine bleach. Spray the mattress with the bleach solution and then place a plastic mattress cover on the mattress.  Leave the cover on the mattress for about 30 days. Vacuum the top and bottom of the mattress once you remove the cover.

Chase Them Out of Clothing

You might not think this but lice and bedbugs can find a safe haven inside your children's clothing. To remove the pests so that your children can begin wearing their clothing again, simply wash them in hot water and send them through a full dry cycle. For clothing that cannot be washed in hot water, place them in a black plastic bag and seal the bag tightly. Leave the bag sealed for at least 30 days. The heat inside the bag will kill the bugs.

Send Them Running from Stuffed Animals

Children love their stuffed animals. Luckily, you don't have to throw them away just because they're infested with lice or bedbugs. You can use the same bleach solution that you used on your mattresses to get rid of the bugs. Take the stuffed animals out into the yard and shake them off well to remove any loose bugs. Spray each of the toys with the bleach solution and place them in a dark plastic bag. Seal the bag and set it aside for about 30 days. When you remove the toys from the bag, vacuum each of them to remove the dead bugs. They are now safe for your children to play with.

Bedbugs and lice can wreak havoc on your home. You can use these simple techniques to get the bugs out of your home. If they happen to return, just repeat the process to get rid of them.

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