Keep Pests Away Between Professional Pest Control Treatments

Kitchen Pest Control Agents For Landscape Pests

Has dealing with an army of ants on your petunias got you down? Are you tired of looking at those pesky worms that make their way onto your front porch from your fruit trees? You may be getting sick and tired of dealing with bugs and critters in your landscape but are hesitant to grab harsh chemicals at the local home improvement store. If you are ready to get rid of the problem, you should know that you may not have to look further than right in your kitchen cabinets.

Leave a Sour Taste with Apple Cider Vinegar 

If you are having issues with bugs making a meal out of your green leafy plants, it can be frustrating to see new holes show up. The easiest way to get rid of holey plants is to make the food source less attractive to insects that reside in your landscape. This is simple to accomplish with a bit of apple cider vinegar. The bugs that enjoy feeding on your plants will detest the sour, acidic flavor and start looking for food in a different area.

Send Insects Running with Pepper Derivatives

Pepper products, such as powdered cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes, will send your landscape buggers packing to a new location. The capsaicin in hot peppers is enough to irritate the skin, respiratory tract, and digestive system of landscape insects. Best of all, this natural product will not harm your delicate plants and can be used on everything from trees to intricate vining plants. You can sprinkle it straight from the container or dissolve ground particles in warm water and use as a spray.

Eliminate Crawlers with Sudsy Beer

If you are having issues with slugs, earwigs, and other creepy crawlers, a solution can be found in a simple bottle of beer. The beer can be used in a spray bottle to spray on flowers and plants, but it can also be used to saturate the ground and eliminate problems with pests that like to burrow beneath the ground. Full-bodied beer works best, but if you have a can of cheap lite beer, it will still prove beneficial as a pest repellant.

You could go out and spend a small fortune on hazardous chemicals at your local home improvement store, but it is much easier to just use what you already have at home. Make sure you take a closer look at the things you have in your pantry and what they could do for your landscape. If necessary, you can also call a professional pest control service, like E & R Exterminating Company, Inc., for more help. 

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Keep Pests Away Between Professional Pest Control Treatments

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