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2 Natural Ways To Prevent Termites In Your Yard

After spending hundreds of dollars paying an exterminator to eliminate the termites at your home, you may want to take some additional steps to ensure that they never return. The exterminator will probably suggest moving wood away from your house to keep them away, but here are some other methods you could use that will naturally help keep the termites away from your house.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural liquid products you can purchase to use for a variety of things around the house. Many can be used for health issues you are having, and others can be used for cleaning tasks and pest control. Although there are many types of essential oils in the world, the following two may help you keep the termites away:

  • Vetiver oil – This is not one of the most common essential oils you will come across, but it is helpful for the prevention of termites and other bugs. Vetiver oil comes from special types of grass and has a very musky, earthly smell.
  • Clove bud oil – Clove bud oil is slightly more popular and has a very distinct, piney smell because it comes from evergreen trees. Because of its potency, bugs tend to dislike the smell of clove bud oil, which makes it perfect to use as a bug-repellent.

You can use one of these oils or both types to keep the bugs away. To do this, pour a bottle of essential oil in a spray bottle and fill it up with water. Spray this solution on your house, mulch, or trees in your yard. You can do the same thing with the other type of oil too.


Another natural ingredient you can use for this purpose is aloe, and it may offer the best results if you use an aloe plant. You must take this plant and crush the entire thing. After that, place the crushed plant in water and let it soak for two or three hours. Next, strain the mixture and place the liquid in a spray bottle, and add five parts of water. Finally, spray this solution on your yard, home, and trees. You can use this as often as you would like and make sure to use it liberally.

If you get rid of the termites in your yard with the help of exterminator, you should take steps to make sure that they never return. You can try these natural methods to help you eliminate these horrible bugs, but if you ever see the termites return to your yard, call the exterminator and have him or her come back to help you eliminate this problem.

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